keyTec ZRV6

Two locking rows on a single key.

6 lateral pins and 10 radial pins increase security capacities.
Like the ZRV system, the security card of keyTec ZRV6 is based on the locking profile, spherical cap profile and key profile components.

In comparison with the ZRV system, the Winkhaus ZRV6 system grid has 6 lateral pins instead of 5 and up to 10 controlled radial pins instead of 8, which significantly enhances security capacities. The ZRV6 Locking System stands out due to its extra locking row on keys. Two distinct key insert positions in the cylinder core provide an added level of locking security. The two locking codes are decoded at up to 12 positions on the key.



  • Paracentric profile for increased unlocking security
  • Protected profiles with security card 


Pin tumblers

  • 6 spring-mounted pin pairs
  • Up to 10 lateral radial pins which are checked by the drilling cavities (spherical caps) on the key improve the decoding protection 


Special feature

  • The additional row on the key with up to 12 scan points increases locking security and copying protection
  • Protection against manipulation by means of hardened stainless steel and anti-picking pins


  • Increased wear resistance with nickel silver material
  • 13.5 mm shoulder of the key for the combination of all common security fittings
  • Ergonomically shaped key head for better grip
  • Specially shaped tip of the key for reduced wear and tear

Copy protection                
Protection against manipulation
keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6 key profile

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec TRV6 pin tumbler (Fig. 5 Pin)

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6 radial pin

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6 additional row


The patented keyTec ZRV6 locking system is designed for the security of medium-sized and large properties. The additional locking row offers greater planning security for properties as well as improved copying protection for locking systems.

Supplied with a security card as:

  • Master/grand master key (HS/ GHS)

Future deliveries and expansions can only be provided on presentation of a valid security card!

Electronics integration

  • Combination by means of mechatronic key
  • Mechanical key with integrated transponder for the actuation of electronic components double knob cylinders, access readers, EZK (electronic door handle)



Tested to:

  • DIN/EN
  • VdS
  • SKG
keyTec ZRV6

HST transponder key

Cylinder types and dimensions

Double cylinder ZRV6 01
Standard double cylinder with minimum length 65 mm (32.5 + 32.5)
Double cylinder (FZG) ZRV6 01/15
For anti-panic multi-point locking systems with minimum length 65 mm (32.5 + 32.5) Cam, freely rotatable through 360°
Double cylinder ZRV6 51
Lockable from both sides
Minimum length 65 mm (32.5 + 32.5)

Double cylinder ZRV6 71 short cylinder
Double cylinder with minimum length 59 mm (29.5 + 29.5)
Double cylinder (FZG) ZRV6 06/15 asymmetric
For anti-panic multi-point locking systems with minimum length 65 mm (30 + 35) Cam, freely rotatable through 360°
Double cylinder ZRV6 56 asymmetric
Lockable from both sides
Minimum length 65 mm (30 + 35)

Single cylinder ZRV6 02
Minimum length 42 mm, Dimension A=32.5 mm
With cam adjustable to eight settings

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6 01, 01/15, 51

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6 71

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6 02

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6 04

keyTec ZRV6

keyTec ZRV6 85, 85/3, 85/1, 85/4