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Systematic hospital access management

The electronic locking system fulfils a variety of tasks in the hospital. It provides for smooth access, controls the parking facility management and regulates the linen output. As a single system, blueChip from Winkhaus meets all the requirements of the hospital operator: powerful cylinders with long battery lives and maintenance-free keys. The technology should also be easy to install.

"With the conversion to an electronic system, we gain greater security and lower costs at the same time," explained Roy Pechman, Head of Technical Management. "We already had to report the loss of a master key. The matter was resolved within 24 hours without causing additional costs. Earlier, this would have been a disaster resulting in damages of around 90,000 Euro, drawn-out installation work and the hindrance of hospital operations."

Costs could also be reduced in the linen output, "because there is no longer as much linen in circulation," explained Pechmann. Personnel are identified with the blueChip key on the wall-mounted reader and each receive a selection of suitable clothing.

The keys differ by colour. Most keys match the green of the corporate design of Asklepios Klinik. Since it operated passively, battery replacement in the key is never necessary. At the same time, it resists chemical disinfectants and even a normal run through the washing machine.

The key also opens the entrance to the parking facility; blueChip reports to HiMED via an interface each time a member of hospital staff enters or leaves the parking facility. Using this information, parking fees can then be charged to the employee’s account.

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