Grand SPA Resort A-Rosa, List/Sylt, Germany

Hotel Arosa

Design solution with comfortable functions

Stately elegance characterises the architecture of the superior 5-star hotel. For access management, the demanding resort relies on blueChip electronic organisational technology from Winkhaus. Intelligent EZK door fittings contain the reliable technology and integrate seamlessly into the exclusive ambience of Germany's northeastern-most holiday destination.

At the special request of the hotel, the EZK door handles have been provided with a mirror-polished finish. They have a time function which makes it possible to read the date and time of the last 200 locking events. This ensures that it is easy to indicate which particular users entered a particular room or rooms at a particular time,

The staff of A-Rosa Resort opens the doors with their personal blueChip key fobs with contact-free operation. Guest receive an individual blueChip card. The staff at the reception programs the hotel guest cards on the computer, working in the accustomed manner with the user interface of the hotel software. The blueControl software from Winkhaus automatically executes the special programming tasks in the background during this process.

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