Château de Méry, Méry-sur-Oise

Château de Méry

Successful symbiosis of traditional and modern

Not far from Paris, the listed palace Château de Méry was built in the 18th century. It offers sophisticated conditions for seminars and receptions. In 2010 an additional new hotel was built on the 27 hectare park area. blueChip electronically regulates the access management in both buildings.

Access in the new hotel is primarily controlled by the intelligent blueChip EZK design door fittings. In addition, compact electronic blueChip cylinders provided access in the palace. Their inconspicuous format subordinates itself to the appearance of the historic doors and avoids unnecessary interference with the historical substance on installation.

The hotel guests at "Château de Méry" receive a blueChip card at the time of their arrival, which they can use for contact-free door opening.. The staff are equipped with an electronic blueChip key. The EZK enables contact-free recognition of the key with built-in transponder. On the other hand, customary locking operation takes place with the blueChip key in the electronic blueChip cylinders in the historic palace: simply insert, turn and press the handle.

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