Empties circulation

Winkhaus works to preserve resources and the environment. In order to be able to eliminate disposable packaging, we use a returnable container system for procurement and sales.
In doing so, we collaborate with our logistics partner Comepack.

The basis of the Comepack system is a circuit of reusable and standardised pool containers, predominantly C-KLT 6421 and 4321. Winkhaus suppliers report their estimated sales for empties to Comepack by filling in data sheet D0 and send it via fax to Comepack. They then receive a preprinted order with a customer number.

Comepack supplies the containers within 5 work days of receiving the order and charges the supplier according to the prices agreed upon with Winkhaus. The supplier fills the load carrier with the sales parts and sends them to the Winkhaus plants. The supplier charges Winkhaus the purchase price of the container.

After the load carriers are emptied, they are sent to the Comepack depot for cleaning and are returned to the container pool. Comepack charges Winkhaus directly for this service.