aluPilot: Greater convenience and functional reliability

Winkhaus expands its range of aluminium window fittings

The innovative Winkhaus aluPilot fitting system is known for its installation-friendly technology. Step by step, the manufacturer is expanding the range to make it easier to use. New additions in spring 2021 include a locking force optimiser for barrier-free comfort and an innovative opening limiter for convenient intensive ventilation.

The new locking force optimiser (SKU) expands the aluPilot Topstar fitting system range, with which modern windows flush on the inside are built without visible fitting parts. It reduces the force required to return the window sash from the tilted position to the closed position. Windows fitted in this way are therefore particularly suitable for properties with increased accessibility requirements. The innovative module is equally suitable for window elements with large formats, heavy weight and unfavourable handle heights.

The new range of rod opening limiters also increases the convenience of window operation. This can now be expanded modularly with additional functions. The basic task of the limiter is to protect the window from accidental damage when the sash is opened. On request, a final position detent can now also be added to make intensive ventilation more convenient: With the upgrade, the holding force for the sash increases in the 90 degree rotation position and thus impedes the slamming shut of the window during intensive ventilation.

The opening limiter can also be upgraded with a friction slider. Its task is to slow the sash down during opening and closing. This also reduces damage due to accidental opening or closing of the sash and supports the end position detent for large sash formats.

Efficient system

The Winkhaus aluPilot fitting system reduces the production of aluminium windows by up to ten minutes per element compared to conventional fittings. The low number of work steps, pre-assembled parts and the fact that only three tools are required considerably simplifies the installation of the window fitting. aluPilot is suitable for a wide range of windows with aluminium Euro groove - also for burglary-resistant windows up to class RC3. The fitting is certified in accordance with QM 328 as a turn-only, turn-tilt, tilt, double-sash and tilt-before-turn fitting system.