Back to school: Equipped for all "emergencies"

No task is too tricky for the Winkhaus panicLock AP4 anti-panic locking system

The new school year has started. This time under special conditions. Students and teachers need to get used to social distancing and new access rules. It's important not to lose sight of safety. Anyone must be able to leave the building quickly in an emergency. There is a wide range of requirements for emergency exits and escape doors in public and commercial buildings. It's not easy to keep track of all of them. This is another reason why Winkhaus offers the panicLock AP anti-panic locking system, a system that is prepared for tasks like these.

The Winkhaus panicLock AP4 secures both single sash and double sash external doors for escape and rescue routes. The high level of flexibility is part of the concept: For example, the same locking variant can be used for single sash doors in accordance with EN 179 as for doors that comply with the requirements of EN 1125. The same applies to the equipment of the active moving sash of the double sash full panic doors. Here too, both standard types (EN 179 or 1125) can be implemented with the same locking system. The panicLock AP4 can be used just as flexibly with profile cylinders, as cylinders with and without a free-to-turn function can be installed. This increases the scope for design in an area subject to strict regulations.


Wide range of combination options

The panicLock AP4 range provides a variety of solutions for all relevant anti-panic door variants (B, D, E), including combinations of interior handle and external knob and internal and external handles. There are also many combination options with accessories such as handles and rods from a wide range of renowned manufacturers.

The AP4 locks comply with the safety-relevant features of the DIN 18251-3 and EN 14351-1 standards. They comply with the specifications of the German Construction Product Regulation (BauPVO), including the CE marking. The variant for single sash doors also bears the SKG** symbol.


Escape routes open at all times

In addition to doors made from PVC-U, full panic doors made from aluminium or wood also benefit from the new development in particular. Its innovative tolerance compensation mechanism reduces the effects of air gap fluctuations. The change-over function B with split follower and handle on the inside and outside ensure that the emergency escape route remains open at all times, while preventing unauthorised access from the outside. With this equipment, a door like this is particularly suitable for schools. People who have locking authorisation, such as teachers or caretakers, can engage the outer handle of the door with the locking cylinder and disengage it again in the evening. Access from outside is thereby prevented during the night. The door can be opened from inside at all hours as an emergency exit.

In addition to the AP4 range, the tried-and-tested Winkhaus automatic locking systems (e.g. panicLock AV3 OR AP179 and the fully motorised panicLock blueMotion EN1125/179) are also available for door professionals.


Convenient monitoring for emergency exit doors

Doors equipped with panicLock AP4 can also be supplemented with a special electronic lock contact for door monitoring on request, enabling them to be connected to alarm systems, for example.

The wired electronic “VSK locking switch contact” queries the locking status of the panic lock and emits a signal as to whether the lock is locked or open. If one combines this function with additional door status monitoring, then it is also possible to see whether the door sash is open or closed. This solution is also suitable for retrofitting anti-panic doors which are equipped with the panicLock AP4 locking system. VdS has certified the “VSK locking switch contact” in accordance with class C.