Carefree ventilation day and night

Special window fittings from Winkhaus create healthy indoor air and protect against uninvited guests 

In schools, nurseries, public and private homes, ventilation is currently more important than ever. The innovative activPilot Comfort window fitting system from Winkhaus ensures fresh air day and night without unpleasant side effects such as draughts and too much external noise. On-demand intensive ventilation is possible at any time. The system is easy to use and also offers high burglary resistance up to RC2 during ventilation.
Windows can be closed and opened. Thanks to Winkhaus, now you can also 'opelose' them. This is made possible by "parallel action", an innovative opening function. The window sash is offset with a gap of about 6 mm around the perimeter for ventilation. Winkhaus activPilot Comfort window fittings offer this additional opening function. 

During "opelosing", the window lets in fresh outside air and is closed at the same time to provide protection against uninvited guests. In this manner, rooms are securely and efficiently ventilated even when users are absent. This allows a healthy indoor climate to be maintained, thus preventing structural damage due to fungal infestation. Well-ventilated yet draught-free spaces are important for the health, especially during the corona pandemic and seasonal flu waves. 

Safe and efficient ventilation
The innovative window position combines a natural and energy-saving ventilation with effective burglary resistance up to RC2. The "opelosed" window also provides better protection from driving rain and outside noise than a tilted window. The same applies for keeping out insects. 

Suitable for many windows
The special Winkhaus fittings can now be used to equip a wide variety of windows made of PVC-U, wood or aluminium – including barrier-free windows and sliding window doors. Winkhaus fittings can often even be retrofitted.

Alternative for ventilation system
A motorised window equipped with the activPilot Comfort PADM fitting system offers an especially high convenience level. If desired, it can also open to parallel position by itself and close again automatically. It can therefore be used as an alternative for ventilation systems as per DIN 1946-6. The window can be conveniently controlled via its touch panel or via remote control. The innovative technology is thus also suitable for hard-to-access windows in places such as stairways. The system can be upgraded with devices such as air quality sensors which detect factors such as the temperature, room humidity or CO2 levels. These sensors trigger ventilation whenever it is required. This ensures that the room air temperature and humidity remain optimal at all times. What is more, the technology can be integrated into the building control system via potential-free contacts and into many smart home concepts via the enOcean interface incorporated into the motor.

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