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Winkhaus blueSmart electronic access control in the Rhein Energie Stadium in Cologne offers greater flexibility and convenience

Around 1.9 million guests visited the Rhein Energie Stadium in 2019. The security of concerts and the games of the 1st FC Cologne is assured by trained personnel and sophisticated technology. For fourteen years, an electronic blueChip locking system from Winkhaus has been controlling access to different areas. blueSmart is now replacing the previous system – throughout the entire stadium. The innovative system also contributes to hygiene.

By switching to the new technology, the operator, Kölner Sportstätten GmbH, gains greater flexibility and convenience. Because blueSmart operates with a virtual network. Changes to the locking plan, for example, can be implemented far more quickly than ever before. The advantages of the previous system are retained, however. The electronic blueSmart door cylinders are also flush-mounted and offer few points of attack for deliberate vandalism or accidental damage. This is just as important to the operator as reliability, not least because of the multifunctional use of the stadium: "The cylinders offer secure documentation both indoors and outdoors and also function smoothly in colder seasons," explains Christoph Seiler, authorised signatory of Kölner Sportstätten GmbH.

Overview of the benefits
High reliability with maximum flexibility and outstanding user and operating comfort are the key features of the innovative blueSmart technology. Winkhaus developed the key-operated electronic access management system for convenient management of complex building or property structures. Thanks to the possibility of virtual networking, the system combines the advantages of both offline and online solutions. This makes it much more flexible than offline solutions and significantly more cost-effective than online systems. 

Companies with several properties also benefit from the technology. With a blueSmart system, all areas, such as administration areas, changing rooms and cloakrooms, training, press and staff rooms, warehouses, sports halls or swimming pools, as well as shops and apartments, can be reliably secured and managed centrally. The extensive blueSmart range provides suitable solutions for various areas of application.

Hygienic door opening
The innovative system also scores highly in terms of hygiene. The fewer contact surfaces in the stadium, the better: With the electronic blueSmart key, users can operate doors without having to touch a knob, for example: Insert the key into the electronic cylinder and turn it - the latch retracts and the door can be opened. BlueSmart keys are also resistant to disinfectants and can even withstand being washed in the washing machine thanks to their waterproof housing (IP 68). 

Virtual network communication
The new system in the Rhein Energie Stadium consists of 650 blueSmart keys and 450 blueSmart components. They form a virtual network. This network uses the blueSmart user key and is linked online with the upload readers connected to the management software. Unlike conventional online systems, there is no need for additional cabling, a large number of converters or interference-prone radio links. This allows locking systems with up to 195,000 components to be installed. 

The system transmits information between they keys and electronic cylinders within milliseconds in encrypted format without any cabling. The robust blueSmart key made of high-performance plastic is maintenance-free and carries an RFID chip inside. The individual access rights of the user are stored on this. The key receives these access rights on a daily basis at one of the upload readers. The upload readers are mounted at the external entrances and are the only system components that are connected online to the management PCs of Kölner Sportstätten GmbH. The offices are located in the stadium. Employees control the entire locking system from there.

Simple key management
blueSmart is managed centrally using the Winkhaus blueControl Professional software. The software also organises access authorisations for employees and external parties - such as event technicians. If a key is lost, it is easily disabled with just a few clicks on the PC. This means that cylinders do not need to be replaced with blueSmart. The message from the blocked electronic key quickly spreads in the virtual network of the stadium, so that this key is denied access.

Proven cooperation
Konntec Sicherheitssysteme from Mönchengladbach took over the planning and installation of the system. The task was completed within two months. "It went very smoothly and easily," says Michael Bucken, project manager at Konntec. With 45 employees, the company is one of the leading medium-sized installers of future-proof locking and security systems. The company has been working successfully with Winkhaus for many years.

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