Securing lockers in just a few simple steps

The new generation of blueSmart electronic locker locks from Winkhaus simplifies installation and maintenance
Winkhaus developed the key-operated blueSmart electronic access management system for the convenient management of complex building or property structures. Thanks to the possibility of virtual networking, the system combines the advantages of both offline and online solutions. This makes it much more flexible than offline solutions and significantly more cost-effective than online solutions. 

Companies with several properties also benefit from the technology. After all, a blueSmart system can reliably secure all areas, such as administrative buildings, training and staff rooms, warehouses, handling facilities, sports halls or swimming pools, as well as shops and apartments. The extensive blueSmart range provides suitable solutions for various areas of application.

One key for all doors
The ability to open all doors with just a single key is one of the convenient advantages of Winkhaus blueSmart electronic access management. Cabinet locks can be integrated into the centrally controlled system just like intelligent door cylinders and readers.

The new generation (M410) now makes it even easier to install and maintain locks for lockers. No tools are required to replace the batteries in the locks, which are equipped with reverse polarity protection. Winkhaus supplies the right CR123A battery ex works. It has a long service life.  The connection cable is now located between the reader and lock unit, making it even better protected against damage or vandalism than before. The lock is available with a fixed bolt or with a spring-loaded bolt as an alternative. In combination with the latest management software, Winkhaus blueControl offers a wide range of application options – such as for securing medication cabinets in hospitals or for lockers with changing users in libraries so as to prevent one user from occupying multiple lockers, for instance.