activPilot Comfort  PADK

The window fitting system with parallel action

Compared with conventional turn and tilt windows, the activPilot Comfort PADK offers another opening dimension in addition to the “turn” and “tilt” opening positions: “parallel action”. The sash is disconnected parallel to the frame. This creates an approx. 6 mm wide air gap, which guarantees a natural and safe ventilation in any weather.

We intentionally took a different path in the development of the activPilot Comfort PADK fitting. The Tilt-First operating sequence has the advantage that the fitting is extremely smooth-running and enables high production tolerances. The operating sequence, which is coming more widely accepted on the market, offers additional security and is frequently used in nurseries, single homes, apartment blocks and residential homes for the elderly.

The special feature here is the dual function of the crosswise handle position: If the handle is moved to the crosswise position from below, the fitting is in the tilt position. If the handle is turned another 90° to the 180° position, the sash is in parallel action position. If the handle is turned back to the 90° position, the window sash can be moved to the turn position.

To close the window, the handle must be turned downwards to the initial position. A further benefit is that the activPilot Concept modular system can also be used for activPilot Comfort PADK.
The natural air exchange in parallel action is proven to create a healthy indoor climate. The special feature: This position offers the same protection from burglary as in the close state – burglary-resistance according to DIN EN 1627 – 1630 up to resistance class RC 2 is possible. The innovation: burglary-resistant ventilation!

activPilot PADK

Air exchange with parallel-action window

  • For timber and PVC-U windows
  • Opening variations: parallel action, turn-tilt
  • For rectangular windows
  • Up to resistance class RC2 (also in shut position)

Max. sash weight:

  • 100 kg

Sash dimensions:

  • Min. sash rebate width: 460 mm
  • Min. sash rebate height: 695 mm
  • Max. sash rebate width: 1475 mm
  • Max. sash rebate height: 2300 mm
  • SRW:SRH ≤ 1.5:1

Other parallel action variations:

  • activPilot Comfort PADM
  • activPilot Comfort PAD
  • activPilot Comfort PADS
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