activPilot Comfort PADS

Window fittings with parallel action for special shapes

Convenient and secure room ventilation via parallel action sashes is now also possible with unusual shapes. Because Winkhaus launched its activPilot Comfort PADS parallel action turn-only fitting system for special windows on the market. It is a new addition to the range of innovative solutions for healthy ventilation from Winkhaus.

Arch windows, studio windows and triangle windows all have an identical fitting structure for the hinge and bottom side. With these window shapes, the parallel action shear is positioned horizontally. Advantage for the window manufacturer: fewer items required for special window production.

The PADS fitting system has rounded off the comprehensive range of parallel action fittings. With the exception of a few special components, the fitting parts are identical to the standard parts from the activPilot Concept portfolio and the frame parts are the same as those used for activPilot Comfort PADK. This means that PADS fittings also follow the basic principle of the activPilot fitting system: a small number of individual components with a variety of different uses.

The window manufacturer benefits from the fact that time-consuming processing of the frame rebate in the shear area is no longer required for angled windows. The sash and frame rebate often touch during tilt opening, which then has to be rectified with manual reworking of the frame rebate edge. Parallel action can remove the need for this profile-related additional work. This proves just how easy to fit activPilot fittings are.

The benefits of parallel action with regard to both control and ventilation, which are familiar from the PADK and PADM product segments, also apply for the PADS fitting system. The approx. 6 mm wide circumferential ventilation gap provides a pleasant, draught-free air exchange, improves the room climate, helps prevent damage caused by damp and also helps to save on heating energy. For the end consumer, this offers improved comfort levels compared with ventilation via tilted windows.

Windows providing parallel action are also preferable to tilt and turn windows from the point of view of monument conservation. In contrast to tilt-open sashes, the look of a historic facade is not destroyed by a parallel action window, as the opening gap cannot be seen from the outside.

  • Opening variations: parallel action & turning
  • For special shapes:  studio windows, arch windows and triangle windows

Max. sash weight:

  • 100 kg

Sash dimensions

  • Min. sash rebate width: 460 mm *
  • Min. sash rebate height: 610 mm *
  • Max. sash rebate width: 1250 mm *
  • Max. sash rebate height: 2300 mm *; FFH-R 1800 mm 
  • SRW:SRH ≤ 1,:1 *

Other parallel action variations

activPilot Comfort PADK
activPilot Comfort PADM
activPilot Comfort PAD

* The binding sash weights and sash sizes can be found in the relevant technical catalogues and application diagrams they contain.

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