duoPort SK

The slide-tilt system from Winkhaus

Modern architecture relies on large-scale window elements, which must meet high demands on design, security, convenience and energy efficiency. Winkhaus fulfils these requirements with duoPort SK – a new, comfortable fitting system for contemporary balcony doors with slide-tilt function.

Timber and PVC-U balcony doors equipped with the new duoPort SK fitting system have both a slide and a tilt function and therefore enable attractive window solutions even in limited space.

Long-lasting comfort solutions
The benefits for the user include a high level of operating convenience, extremely quiet running and need-based burglary protection. The solid drive mechanisms of the duoPort SK system are fitted with 28 mm wheels, which enable the sash to slide smoothly and silently. Integrated cleaning brushes help maintain precise running. The low threshold height offers easy passage.

Two designs 
Winkhaus is offering the new slide-tilt fittings in two technical designs. With duoPort SK-S, the balcony door can be opened and closed manually both smoothly and safely. The duoPort SK-Z design offers added convenience: A handle control acts as a forced control here for easy tilt opening.

Sturdy technology for heavy sashes
Reliable technology is invaluable when large, heavy glazing panels need to be opened and closed. The Winkhaus slide-tilt fitting system duoPort SK is optimally suited for such requirements. Load capacity of duoPort SK fittings: up to 200 kg sash weight depending on the design.

Modular burglary protection
The duoPort SK fitting range can be very easily adapted to meet individual security requirements. Both basic and advanced duoPort SK system models feature solid mushroom-head locking bolts. The security keeps fitted on all sides enable burglary protection up to RC2/RC2 N to be achieved.

duoPort SK

Wide scope for a variety of uses: the large opening width of 125 mm

duoPort SK

Security keep with steel web

duoPort SK

With duoPort SK, even large-format, heavy windows slide easily and securely

Load bearing capacity

  • Load capacities vary between 100 kg and 200 kg, depending on the design. 
  • Tandem bogies are used for window sashes weighing more than 160 kg.

Application range

  • duoPort SK 100 S
    Sash rebate width: 620 – 1250 mm
    Sash rebate height: 650 – 2250 mm
    Max. sash weight: 100 kg


  • duoPort SK 160 S
    Sash rebate width: 620 – 1650 mm
    Sash rebate height: 650 – 2700 mm
    Max. sash weight: 160 kg


  • duoPort SK 160 Z
    Sash rebate width: 720 – 2000 mm
    Sash rebate height: 900 – 2700 mm
    Max. sash weight: 160 kg


  • duoPort SK 200 Z
    Sash rebate width:.1050 – 2000 mm
    Sash rebate height: .900 – 2700 mm
    Max. sash weight: 200 kg


The opening width of 125 mm and the free size of the frame of 35 mm mean that the duoPort SK fitting system has a wide range of uses.

duoPort SK

Double bogie

duoPort SK

Frame size tolerance

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