easyPilot Nordic

easyPilot Nordic with turn sash locking device

The fitting segment easyPilot Nordic offers a well-rounded fitting range with just a few components for inwards and outwards opening windows for the Scandinavian market.

Solutions for  inwards and outwards-opening turn windows are available in line with the market requirements.
In Scandinavia, it is possible to fix turn windows in any opening position. To lock the window sash in place, the user turns the handle into its locked position with the window in the desired open position. Turning back the handle releases the lock and enables the sash to be turned again.

Locking drive for inwards opening turn windows

For inwards-opening turn windows, the locking drives of turn-tilt fittings are used for both centre and constant handles. The consistent use of the modular system means that the overall product range is compact, which also guarantees minimal warehousing and logistics requirements.

Locking drive GVMH for outwards-opening turn windows

The outwards-opening doors are covered by the use of locking drives with a backset from 25 mm. Here too, the turn sash stop is activated via the special connecting rail.
You can find further information in the "easyPilot Nordic" brochure.

easyPilot Nordic

Drive rods with centre and constant handle - D 15.5

easyPilot Nordic

Locking gear GVMH - D 25 mm

Further fittings

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