activPilot Sprint

The turn-tilt fitting system for screwdriving automation

As an innovation leader in fitting systems for automated processing, activPilot Sprint offers mature solutions which improve efficiency for window building companies. Window builders benefit from its easy installation, quicker processing and extensive versatility in adapting to different automation stages.

Fitting concept

activPilot Sprint was especially developed to ensure that sash-side fitting components could be quickly clicked into place. In order to reduce the production steps for sash attachment and thus optimally match the time required for attachment to production process cycle times, individual components have been combined into assembly groups, which can be effortlessly fitted into position. These combinations enable the number of sash steps to be reduced to between four and six, depending on the size of the window. When components are securely clipped into place, the sash can be safely passed on to the screwdriving unit.

Attachment concept

Sash attachment is divided into two production steps – installation of the fitting system and screw fastening of the fitting system. The sash fitting, including the shear, is first clicked into the sash by hand. The sash is then transferred to the screwdriving unit where the fitting is fastened into position on the sash.

The activPilot fitting design is based on the standard activPilot Concept turn-tilt range. Components are matched with one another in such a way that the fitting can be used for all known application areas and weight categories. Sash weights up to 150 kg are no problem if the fitting is combined with activPilot Select.

  • Finely tuned product range based on activPilot Concept
  • Specially designed for use on screwdriving units
  • Reduction in fitting time as screwdriving process is completed automatically
  • Fitting time is matched to production process cycle times
  • Reduction in the number of components which need to be inserted into the sash
Futher fittings

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